Small business Administration on line degree with Master. Studiengang in the Department of Economics.

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Over the course entry requirements Application deadlines Application Admission process fees and make contact with / get in touch with particular person.

What Does H the Same in Physics?
Sunday July 05, 2020

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Concerning the plan.

Your Science Documentary and Other Useful Guidelines
Thursday June 11, 2020

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The regular period comprises four study half years (term). The plan concludes together with the title “Master of Arts”.

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The Master’s plan Organization Administration Online – a further improvement will not need registration and can also be began within the summer season semester as the winter summarize articles semester


Entry requirements.

A minimum grade of two. 5 completed very first occupation qualifying business degree or perhaps a technically closely related research with a minimum of 90 LP for economics fundamental abilities, or proof of a professional qualifying other research in connection with certified economics expertise by way of a multi-year, relevant perform activity.

Does the prior study significantly less than 210, but a minimum of 180 LP are to make up for the missing expertise. Commonly, a total volume of 300 LP is always to be achieved.

Proof of a certified experienced expertise of usually not less than a single year.

A lower overall score than 2.5, for each completed half a year to a connected practical expert activity that goes beyond the expected extent, be enhanced by 0.1 to a total maximum summarizing biz of 1.0. The decision to enhance the grade by the Examination Committee.

Detected competencies at the same time as the most up-to-date potential date for their detection are the applicants informed by the Audit Committee at baseline in writing as a help.

Data on application deadlines and procedures for applicants having a foreign university degree, see www.


Documents to be submitted (within a basic copy):

Under Expected application for any declaration of entry needs in the on-line type proof of above-mentioned Higher education (Bachelor certificate service overview with proven Bachelor touch, etc. ) or when the very first degree is not but completed: Evidence that 90% with the required for the system credits are supplied with the provisional typical mark detection with the above-mentioned professional experience evidence of above-mentioned English skills 1st university entrance qualification (Abitur, college entrance, and so on. ) Certification for alter of name (eg marriage certificate) if it currently exists proof of adequate German language expertise for applicants with out German university entrance qualification and without a German university degree (Einschreibvoraussetzung, if approved)

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